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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Easiest Way To Earn Money Online

Get paid just for clicking buttons. Not PTC sites, it's vote and earn!

Sign up and refer your friends.
Verify your Digg and StumbleUpon accounts.
Subscribe to the blog and stay updated.
Vote for stories.
Make $0.50 per list of votes.
Hoss over to subvertandprofit and enter your e-mail address that you use for PayPal. This will give you access to the sign up form.
Fill out all of the usual sign up gumph then check your inbox for the activation e-mail.

Set up Subvert & Profit
Once you first login to S&P you’ll need to have your Digg and Stumble usernames handy. These are entered into your profile and they will give you a verification task of a story to Digg & Stumble. They will then have to verify your actions, which can take a few hours or sometime 1 day. So go put the kettle on.

Subvert is a dead easy system, they will send you an e-mail every time they have a new task for you (most days generally). Then you login and follow the request URLs
and either Digg or Stumble them. (There’s two sections here, one for Digging and one for Stumbling - so get it right!). Every time you Stumble or Digg a story you get
paid $0.50.

Digging Pages
Sometimes, S&P will pop you directly to the story on, so it’s nice and easy - just login and hit the “Digg This” button. On other occasions, you will land directly on the page/article that is being Dugg. If this happens, there will be a “Digg This” button or link, somewhere on the article. So just have a quick scan and you should be able to see it. Another $0.50 in the bank.

Stumbling Pages
Stumbling is a dead simple affair. When you land on the page, no searching around - just hit the “I like it” thumbs up button on your browser toolbar. Sometimes you are
the first person to Stumble a page, which means it will pop-up a form asking you to fill in the page title, description and tags. This is pulled from the page, so just hit Stumble! One bit of advice, if you have multiple tabs open to Stumble several sites, wait until the “thumbs up” icon goes green before you try and Stumble the next
page. Sometimes Stumble gets a bit confused if you Stumble pages really quickly.

Make sure you’ve got a system to alert you immediately when you get a new e-mail from S&P. Advertisers only pay for a specific number of Diggs & Stumbles, so if you
don’t react for 24 hours, you’re going to have missed the cash boat. If you stop Digging & Stumbling pages for S&P, they seem to send you fewer notifications - so keep on the ball!

Signup now

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